TODDLERS (18—36 months)


Our space for toddlers is colorful, cheery, and well lit with natural sunlight. Walking into it is like entering a special world filled with learning opportunities disguised as play.

Our environment and planning for toddler curriculum includes fine motor and gross motor activities, dramatic play, music, arts and crafts, simple science, and much outdoor play.

Toddlers are encouraged to participate in group activities such as cooking (children do a lot of cooking at Pat-A-Cake!), and to engage in “hands on” play that fosters exploration and learning. The classroom has numerous stations with stimulating age appropriate materials where children build on their strengths and ultimately build self-esteem.

You can expect your toddler to be exposed to a myriad of sensory experiences, including sand and water play, fingerpaints, play dough, and easel painting.

Given the close proximity of our toddlers’ space and our infants’ space, toddlers are sometimes able to visit with the babies as they crawl about. Not only is this interaction something the toddlers greatly enjoy, it “brings out” those who may be quiet or shy.

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“I know my children are receiving expert care, are guided through learning experiences and are getting lots of love and affection.”

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