The lessons of the playground are important. So we have a big one.

Pat-A-Cake is one of the very few childcare centers or preschools in the area with its own large, well-equipped playground. Our playground not only includes a large sandbox filled with engaging sand toys, it has a blacktop surface perfect for riding tricycles and scooters, both of which we provide. Some children also play basketball and soccer. During our 10-month academic session, the children visit the playground twice a day, weather permitting.

In the summer, they practically live outside. Our playground is turned into a water park where the children—who we make sure are well covered with sunscreen—play in sprinklers and enjoy other types of water activities.

What’s more, our playground provides an excellent view of the Metro North train tracks, giving the children the chance to see the train fly by. It’s an event the children find exciting and truly love.

“My children love going to Pat-A-Cake . . . at night when I go to pick them up, they do not want to leave.”

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