“Pat-A-Cake is a unique and extraordinary childcare center. My son Dylan started at Pat-A-Cake when he was 7 months old and graduated the pre-school program. My daughter Olivia, who is currently two years old, is now in the toddler room. I feel fortunate that my children have had the opportunity to grow in such a loving and nurturing environment. My son Dylan was totally prepared to enter kindergarten this year as he was so familiar with many books, songs, games, handwriting skills, a daily routine, as well as how to interact appropriately with his peers.

The Director, Dorothy Heneghan, has created a high-energy, age-appropriate environment that inspires children to learn through creative play.

The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable in the field of early childhood development and give 100% of their attention to the children. Their kind-mannered ways engage children in a gentle and fun-loving way. The children are read to every day, are encouraged to talk about themselves and tell stories. Babies, toddlers, and children interact with each other in a very safe and healthy manner while learning about the seasons and holidays.

The toddlers and preschool children take field trips to visit the local library, beach, and fire station. The children explore the natural world by gardening, hatching butterflies, and planting seeds. The children cook and bake together–they make pancakes, applesauce, butter, and learn about healthy nutrition. The artwork and craft projects are not only adorable but also very sentimental. Painting, building, and imaginary play are encouraged and celebrated. The outdoors is a very important component of the children’s day. The playground is a wide-open space for the children to explore the sandbox, ride cars and bikes, and play sports such as basketball and soccer. There have been many times when I have walked into the classroom utterly impressed by the exciting events such as the summer carnival, family pasta dinner, outdoor water park, fun bus, pajama day, special guest teachers, visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny, Bike-a-thon fundraising events, pumpkin carving and decorating, and parties for each holiday and graduation ceremony. Pat-A-Cake is an environment that truly inspires creativity and happiness.

I cannot praise Pat-A-Cake enough for their level of communication with parents, as they go above and beyond what is expected. Teachers are eager to tell you about the children’s day and the newsletters are treasures that we look forward to reading.

Pat-A-Cake has helped to make my son and daughter’s childhoods memorable and for that I cannot thank them enough.”

—Michelle & Richard Crawford
Parents & Educators in the Greenwich Public School District

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