Walk into our large room for preschoolers and chances are you’ll say “wow!” It’s that colorful and inviting, and is filled with wonderful, engaging things to see and do. Importantly, this room is set up like a kindergarten classroom, which helps our preschoolers easily make the transition to kindergarten after they graduate.

Preschool learners are encouraged to explore and experience their world through various “hands on” activities that emphasize the development of language, an appreciation for art and color, simple mathematical reasoning, and the beginnings of scientific discovery.

Pat-A-Cake’s preschool curriculum is a rich literature-based program. Children are exposed to beloved nursery rhymes, poems and classic tales that spark their imagination and strengthen their vocabulary. Familiar stories with predictable outcomes are read to encourage children’s active participation in the reading program. This is a necessary pre-reading skill that’s taught.

Art projects focus on the process and the experience, rather than on the end product. Children will learn the joy of doing and discovery through working with different materials and mediums, colors and textures. We often combine literature with art by reading a story and having the children illustrate its meaning. We encourage the children to draw daily and ask the children to dictate after. This develops pre-writing ability.

Mathematical reasoning will be developed as well as problem solving through block building, measuring and comparisons to size and shape. Socialization skills are strengthened by modeling appropriate behavior, by encouraging self-help skills, and by fostering independence in these young learners.

Finally, we read from the Children’s Bible and pray at meals and snack times. We remind each other that God loves and cares for us, and that we should love and care for each other.

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