“Love is part of Education”


At Pat-A-Cake we believe that what we do here is as meaningful and important as any work done by anyone, anywhere in the world.

After all, we begin to plant and nourish the seeds of character. Along with you, we help your children begin to learn right from wrong. We teach them to respect others and to share, and we help open their eyes to the beauty of the natural world. In short, we help parents start their children on the journey of becoming happy, confident and healthy individuals and of becoming the best person they can be.

We believe that for children to flourish, they need to feel loved and appreciated. They need to not just hear they’re loved, they need to experience it deeply and “feel it in their bones.” We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to help your children build self-esteem in this way. If what we do is labor, our work at Pat-A-Cake is very much a labor of love.

Along with our entire staff, I deeply appreciate the confidence parents place in us. Every day, five days a week, you trust us with the most precious thing in your life—your children.

Dorothy co-founded Pat-A-Cake in January, 2006 and remains thoroughly involved in the school as its day-to-day Director. She has been an early childcare professional for more than 25 years.

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