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What is the philosophy of Pat-A-Cake?

In short, we embrace every child as a unique and precious gift to be cherished. We believe age appropriate play—in a stimulating, encouraging, and loving environment—is a highly effective way for infants and young children to grow, learn and achieve their potential.

How many children attend Pat-A-Cake?

Some childcare centers and preschools have so many children, those who are shy and quiet can easily “get lost” in the crowd. At Pat-A-Cake, we carefully limit our number of children and accept only 8 infants (3—18 months), 8 toddlers (18—36 months), and 20 preschool students (3—5 years).

What is the ratio of teachers to children?

In our infants’ and toddlers’ room, we have a ratio of 1 to 4, which meets the CT state requirement. In our preschool room, we typically have a ratio of 1 to 8, which exceeds not only the CT state requirement, but the ratio of some other local preschools. We also exceed the state ratio for special events and field trips.

Can my child attend Pat-A-Cake if we’re not Christian?

Yes, absolutely. Pat-A-Cake enthusiastically welcomes children of all faiths.

What enrollment options do you offer?

Pat-A-Cake offers 12-month, 10-month, and summer programs for infants (3—18 months), toddlers (18—36 months), and preschoolers (3—5 years). Children can start attending at any time.

What is your approach to discipline?

We’re very rarely faced with a behavior problem, but when it occurs we discipline with love and reason. We use positive guidance to shape a child’s behavior. That means we model the correct behavior, talk quietly with children who behave inappropriately, gently redirect the child, and patiently explain right from wrong. If necessary, we’ll discuss a child’s behavior with his or her parents.

What happens at meal and snack time?

Children love snack time, and at Pat-A-cake that takes place twice a day: mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Parents provide healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for their child.

Does my toddler/preschooler need to be potty trained?

Children do not have to be potty trained to attend Pat-A-Cake. We have great skill and many years of experience at successfully helping potty train children and are happy to assist parents in this endeavor.

How much is tuition?

Pat-A-Cake is non-profit. This enables us to charge less than for-profit schools of comparable quality. For details about our tuition, please call Co-founder/Director Dorothy Heneghan at 203-531-6550. Or email her at patacakecc@gmail.com.

Can we tour the school during a school day?

Yes. In fact, touring the school during a school day is recommended because it will give you a chance to see our teachers and school in action. To arrange a tour, please call Co-founder/Director Dorothy Heneghan at 203-531-6550. Or email her at patacakecc@gmail.com.

What are the school’s hours?

We’re usually open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:30pm. Only lateness due to genuinely extenuating circumstances will be accepted. A phone call explaining lateness must be received by the school before 5:30pm. Late pick-ups will be charged.

Do children spend any time watching TV at Pat-A-Cake?

We believe it’s in your child’s best interest for them to be stimulated both socially and intellectually by being actively engaged with “hands-on” activities. Only on rare occasions will a holiday special or an educational documentary be aired for the children’s pleasure and learning.

To Schedule A Tour:

Contact Co-founder Dorothy Heneghan at 203-820-4581 or

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