INFANTS (3—18 months)


Enter our infants’ area and you’ll see an inviting, brightly colored space that’s sparkling clean and well organized, with many windows that typically let in lots of glorious sunlight.

This is a healthy, safe and loving environment—which is essential for babies to develop trust in the adults in their lives and have a sense of security. Our teachers are sensitive to the needs of each and every child, and their individual way of learning.

Teacher-child games utilize language that’s at the leading edge of each child’s own ability. This will encourage your child to start using new words and sounds in imitation. Exaggerated expressions of emotions are part of joyful play with babies at around five or six months, as are singing/action songs that combine body movements such as clapping, tapping, pointing, and nursery rhymes.

At Pat-A-Cake, infants can crawl about safely in a large, carpeted, well-supervised area where they’re exposed to toys that are stimulating and encourage interaction. They have easy access to an indoor climbing apparatus, soft blocks, soft balls and dolls, small cars and trucks, stacking toys, puzzles, child walkers, and freestanding mobiles. At Pat-A-Cake, babies will also be exposed to the beautiful outdoors as often as Mother Nature allows.

Given the close proximity of our infants’ space and our toddlers’ space, babies are typically able to make a seamless transition to the toddler area when they’re 18 to 24 months old. This distinguishes Pat-A-Cake from many other childcare centers and is appreciated by many parents.

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“The staff pays attention to our child’s needs and has been an integral part of his growth and development.”


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